Quality Policy
Based on both expertise, tradition of innovation and leadership, we will excel in providing costeffective technical solutions to our customers by delivering high quality products and servicesand by the creative application of knowledge and advanced technology to foundationengineering.
  • We will actively seek out and listen to the needs and concerns of our customers, including the final customer, suppliers and associates, in order to win their confidence.
  • We will adhere to applicable regulatory legal and industry standards and to the best of practices.
  • We will remain committed to innovative and expertise driven growth. In order to achieve this, we will provide lifelong learning opportunities to our employees in order to further their knowledge and competence.
  • We will implement the appropriate environmental and health & safety standards promulgated by national and international governments and organisations.
  • Our business operations will be conducted in such a way as to systematically measure,monitor, review and take effective action to minimize any adverse impact and enhance positive impacts on the community, the environment and the health and safety of people.
  • We will work diligently to resolve environmental and health & safety issues which may arise from the operations and use of equipment, products and services.
  • Safety will take precedence over expediency or short cuts. Everybody will be involved in the elimination of adverse environmental impacts and health & safety hazards in their work place.
  • We will maintain transparancy within the community, and will provide pertinent information to the public concerning the environmental impact of our business activiites.
To achieve the above, measurable objectives and targets will be established for all the pertinent functions of the company, and these objectives will be reviewed from time to time.

With our management systems and competent and committed work force, we will assure our customers, partners, employees and society in general that National Piling is a reliable, responsible and dependable company.

Our principal goal will therefore be to gain and maintain the confidence and trust of all our stakeholders.

Our management system policy will be periodically reviewed for its continuous suitablility regarding the best of business practices.